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Stainless Steel Crack Monitoring Discs, 20 pcs set

Stainless Steel Crack Monitoring Discs, 20 pcs set

kood: AVG271200
Laos 420 tk.
hind11.00 €
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Näidatud hind kehtib kuni 21.10.2021.
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20 pc Crack Monitoring Discs from AVONGARD are designed for crack control-calibration with a caliper.

   Crack control discs are attachable to the fracture on both sides of the surface, and control is performed by measuring the distance between the centers of the discs with a vernier caliper. 
The obtained measuring data together with the date and time of measurements are recorded in the measurement data log.
With the help of discs, you can quickly and easily track the size of the cracks on the surfaces.
The discs are attached to the surface with a special quick-drying glue.
The discs are fixed on both sides of the crack on the surface at a distance of 80 - 100 mm from the edge of the crack.
Disc diameter - 7 mm

A set of 20 discs is offered.
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