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Plus Tell Tale TP21

Plus Tell Tale TP21

kood: AVG030100
Laos 1 tk.
hind18.00 €
Hind sisaldab KM 20%.
Näidatud hind kehtib kuni 21.10.2021.
Kogus laos ei pruugi vastata tegelikkusele.
Crack Controller-Tester TP21 from AVONGARD is for crack control on flat surfaces and measuring with calipers.
          The device can be fixed to the surface using 4 pcs. screw / dowel set or special quick-hardening glue available separately.
          It is possible to print a sample measurement log from the manufacturer's website free of charge.
  • The TP21 is a model for controlling the movement of building structures in two directions (up / down and right / left).
  • Simple fixed TP21 sensor with glue or 4 pcs. screws.
  • The deformation (displacement) is indicated by the relative displacement of the measuring scale on the scale (40 x 20 mm).
  • In addition, more precise crack control can be performed using a caliper and measure the distance between the special pins in the crack controller.
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