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VÄLJAMÜÜK! Statiiv FS 30XS - 5/8

VÄLJAMÜÜK! Statiiv FS 30XS - 5/8" keere, h=101-300 cm

kood: GF021000
Tootja: geo-FENNEL
Laos 7 tk.
hind165 € -40%99.00 €
Hind sisaldab KM 20%.
Näidatud hind kehtib kuni 21.10.2021.
Kogus laos ei pruugi vastata tegelikkusele.
FS-30XS tripod sale.
Offer valid until full sale!

FS-30XS from geo-FENNEL (Germany) is an aluminum tripod with double lift and tripod star.
The ends of the legs are universal - rubber tips for indoor use and metal knitting needles for field work.
The tool holder screw has a 5/8 " thread.
A hole for the plummet goes through the fixing screw and the elevator.
For successful use of the plummet, the tripod is equipped with a spherical bubble level.
Tripod height from 101 cm to 300 cm.
Weight - 5.7 kg
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